Our eyes need light to function and what we see defines our visual environment. Light reveals our surroundings, sets a tone and affects our perception of quality. Light can either enhance our visual experience or detract from it because light is the primary medium we use to sense and evaluate our environment.

In a building, lighting equipment must coexist with other systems, be easy to control and use as little energy as possible. The system must be economical to operate and maintain over the lifespan of the building.

Since its founding in 1988, Light Solutions has provided architectural lighting design services for a wide variety of projects including gaming and hospitality projects, retail stores, sports facilities, airports and private residences.

Light Solutions is known for meeting difficult deadlines and tight budgets. We believe that a beautifully lighted environment may be the end result of our work, but being responsive and easy to collaborate with is what design teams and owners remember long after a project is complete.



Ken Reynar - MIES, Associate IALD

Lighting Designer:

Tonya Moake Neely - MIES, Associate IALD

Design Assistant:

Ashley Stevens